Neighbourhood Plan

Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan Review – Questionnaire

Following a local Referendum, the Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan was approved in 2017. Since that date it has formed part of the statutory development plan for the area, meaning it has legal weight and influence planning decisions.

Five years on the Parish Council has decided that it is time to review the Neighbourhood Plan to see what effect it has had on local development decisions and consider whether parts of it need to be updated.

The new Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan is being developed by a Steering Group under the auspices of the Parish Council. If you would like to be a part of this group of local people helping the Parish Council to review our neighbourhood plan, please email or write to Bishops Clyst Parish Council, The Village Hall, Clyst St Mary EX5 1AA or telephone (01392) 874405.

Parishioners of Clyst St Mary and Sowton are invited to share their thoughts on the Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan by completing a questionnaire.


Complete Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

If you prefer, paper copies can be requested from Parish Council at or collected from The Stores at Clyst St Mary, the Cat and Fiddle or Sowton Church (when open).

Completed paper questionnaires should be returned to the post box at Clyst St Mary Village Hall.

Made Version of Neighbourhood Plan


Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan - Made Version January 2017

Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan

In a Referendum held on January 26th 2017 the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN was supported by 90% of voters and was adopted by East Devon District Council in March. It has now become a formal planning document in the same way as the Local Plan. This greatly strengthens the powers of the parish council to resist inappropriate development. To support the Neighbourhood Plan, a VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT has also been produced. This gives guidelines and policies as a framework for all physical changes within the parish. It is an integral part of the planning process and should be used by the local community, householders, developers and statutory authorities when development, of whatever size, is proposed. Thank you to everyone who took part in the process from the initial questionnaire through the consultation events and to the Referendum. Your support was much appreciated by the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultations, some issues were identified which were not related to planning and so were not appropriate for inclusion in the Plan. These were set out in a COMMUNITY ACTION PLAN which was agreed by the Council on 14 December 2015 and is reviewed from time to time.


Parish Design Statement


BCPC Community Action Plan Review - Aug 2016

Local Plan

Has now been adopted by East Devon and should protect the village from the onslaught of large scale, inappropriate planning applications on the extremities of of our village.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Through the Localism Act the government is giving local communities a direct say in the future development of their neighbourhood, parish or town. A neighbourhood plan is a planning document which guides and shapes development in the local area and is created by local people. Neighbourhood plans are about local development issues, for example where new homes and community buildings should go. They must focus on guiding development rather than stopping it and need to be in general conformity with national policy and our local planning policies. To find out more about Neighbourhood Planning, Devon County Council has produced a Neighbourhood Planning Guide.

Neighbourhood Plan Support Documents


Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement - May 2016


Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal Report 270416 - Final incorporating proposed changes


Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement Part 1 May 2016


Bishops Clyst Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement Part 2 May 2016


EDDC SEA HRA Screening


BCNP Community Questionnaire 2014 Report


Bishops Clyst NP Young Person Consultation Report March 2015


BNP Consultation Report DRAFT 19 March 2015


Bishops Clyst Local Evidence Report Version 3


HN Report Bishops Clyst Draft


BCNP Workshop Report January 2015

What is a Parish Plan?

A Parish Plan is a public record by the residents of the Parish on how the Parish should be in the future. It has now been superseded by the Neighbourhood Plan.

Parish Plans were important document because they were used by the Parish, District and County Councils when thinking about development projects that might affect all or part of the Parish. For example housing, local services, roads or schools. As well as this, the Plan also acts as an historic document – providing a ‘snapshot’ of parishioners’ feelings at the time when the consultation was completed.

Click here to take a look Bishops Clyst Parish Council Parish Plan which was last updated July 2012.