Councillors’ Areas of Interest

Committees, Working Groups and Councillors’ areas of interest


+ two vacanciesCommittee and Group membership, nomination to represent the council on other bodies and lead councillors in areas of interest are reviewed at the Annual Meeting in May.

Currently, the allocated roles and delegation are set out below:

Standards & Personnel Committee

Cllrs Hatton (Chair), Trudgeon and Cain plus Clerk

Finance Committee

Cllrs Cain (Chair), Hatton, Trudgeon, Howe, Platter and Moore plus Clerk

Planning Committee

Cllrs Steer-Kemp (Chair), Galloway, Hudson, Trudgeon, Leverton and Moore

Clerk’s Performance Review Group

Cllrs Hatton and Trudgeon

Emergency Planning Group

Cllrs Steer-Kemp (Chair) and Howe plus Clerk + 2 vacancies

Traffic & Parking Group representatives

Cllrs Steer-Kemp (Chair), Hudson, Moore and Trudgeon

Flood Action Group representatives

Cllr Steer-Kemp + vacancy

Neighbourhood Plan Review Group representatives

Cllrs Hatton, Cain, Hudson, Platter and Steer-Kemp

Representative members on other bodies

Exe Estuary Management Committee – Cllr Hatton

Airport Consultative Committee – Cllr Platter

Crealy Liaison Group – Cllr Howe

DALC – Cllr Trudgeon

CSM Village Hall Committee – Cllr Cain

Sowton Village Hall Committee – Cllr Galloway

Other areas of interest – lead councillor

Parish Field – Cllr Hatton

Play Area – Cllr Leverton

Allotments – Cllr Cain

PCCO – Cllr Trudgeon

Tree Warden – vacancy

Footpath Warden – vacancy

Oil Mill Residents Association – vacancy

Cat & Fiddle Residents Association – Cllrs Hudson and Moore

School liaison – Clerk

Approved 04 May 2022